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You have questions about our products?

Send us an email to info@cito-formline.at or call us at:

+43 1 869 10 91
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First steps

To help you to operate the online shop, you will find following some basic information.

Generally, you can use the button "online shop" or even the required groups Boxline CITO CITO FormLine, CITO CITO Print Line or Process Line on the welcome page.

Search and order
Login or create
a new account
My orders
Customized price lists
for yourself!
Here you will be
informed about the news of
the CITO Group.
Direct acces to the
respective area!

Login or create a new account

When you are an existing customer, you can insert your e-mail address and your password and click on "Login". If you do not have an online shop account, click "New Registration" and fill out the registration form. Once you've clicked the button "Send Registration", it takes one working day until we have verified your data.

If our check is ok, you will receive the login details via e-mail.

Search and Order

On this page all our products are stored. If you do not know the product and / or the product reference number exactly, you may enter the know part of the article and click "SEARCH" you get the results. On the right side under "viewed shortly" you see the pages you opened recently - with one click you go back to the page you have chosen.

Select the
required range
by a click.
Here you find
the respective
subgroups of
your selection
When you have
entered your number
the selected item
will be added
to your cart.
The pages you
have recently viewed
can be found here.
If all required article
are added to your
cart, press the button
"to your order"
to finish and
send your order.

My orders

Here you will find orders that you have already made via the online shop. A printable page opens with click on the order number.

Price Lists

On this page there is the opportunity to create your individual price lists. With a click on the group the submenu opens. The entry is confirmed with a mark. When all groups are selected with the button "create price list" the individual price list is created automatically.

With the button "My purchased items" a price list for all items which you have ordered in the last 12 months will be created.

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